About Hometown Pride

Keep Iowa Beautiful’s Hometown Pride program was developed in 2012, as an effort to assist and improve communities. The program walks alongside qualifying Iowa communities and coaches them to a more vibrant future.

This effort enhances community cultural and economic vitality – strengthening the community and increasing its chance for not simply survival, but growth with increased pride.

To view the 2017-2018 Hometown Pride Annual Report click HERE

Hometown Pride Coaching

The Hometown Pride program offers leadership training, youth service learning and a variety of educational components, tools, and solutions for community development. Qualifying communities receive five years of long-term technical and professional coaching assistance. During that time, our trained coaches work to deliver a sense of stability and empowerment. When implemented, communities are rewarded with sustainable plans and programs.

Counties and Communities Served

The Hometown Pride program serves Iowa counties and communities through comprehensive coaching. Community coaches work with local leaders to make certain that local community plans and initiatives get developed, funded, implemented, and completed. The Coach provides support and assistance, customizes innovative resources, and utilizes development tools to the benefit of each local community.

Like a sports coach – they don’t play the game! They make sure that there are players, that they act as a team, that everyone knows their role, that is there is plan and finally to play the game and implement their plan.