Go Sing it on the Mountain | March 2017

Let’s ‘go sing it on the mountain’ to celebrate our commitment to a clean and beautiful Iowa. April continues to be declared Keep Iowa Beautiful month by the Governor Terry E. Branstad. This will probably be the last proclamation of … Continued

Have a Heart! | February 2017

February is American Heart Month and of course Valentine’s Day as reflected in the shape of a heart. I thought it would be good to visit about “having a heart “– not in terms of personal health conditions but in … Continued

Technology Infatuation | January 2017

The beauty of America is all around us – in the landscape, small places, with butterflies, birds, skies, wildlife, statues, buildings, landscapes, people, art, sculptures and hundreds of other places. It is hard to imagine standing beside one of the … Continued

The Natural Gift | December 2016

Marketing of the Christmas gift shopping season begins earlier each year. The focus is clearly on material items – gifts that can be wrapped or are physical in nature and designed to bring pleasure and excitement to the person receiving … Continued

Where Have All The Trees Gone? | October 2016

Each fall, thousands of Iowans and visitors tour the State to view the beauty and color of trees and forests. This picture of our countryside helps restore our spirit, inspire thoughts of nature and recreate memories from similar excursions of … Continued

Givers and Takers | September 2016

Take a minute to look around at your circle of friends.  When you think about them, see if you can tell if they fall into the “Giver” category or the “Taker” category of society.  Let me help define what I … Continued

An Impressive Piece of Granite | July 2016

Granite, Iowa that is!!!  If we were being precisely accurate – I think we would need to say Sioux Quartzite.   That is the underlying bedrock in the area around Granite, Iowa (the Sioux Quartzite is often called Granite).  It is … Continued

Great Outdoors Month | June 2016

According to official records, June is the time to celebrate national “Great Outdoors Month,” recognizing it as the start of the summer. Beginning in 1998 as Great Outdoors Week, the initiative expanded to Great Outdoors Month in 2004.  It is … Continued

Iowa's Bucket List | May 2016

The concept of the “bucket list” gained great attention from the film The Bucket List, a 2007 American comedy-drama film directed by Rob Reiner. The plot follows two terminally ill men on their road trip with a wish list of things to do before they “kick the … Continued

The Keep Iowa Beautiful Challenge | April 2016

Every day we face personal challenges – those with fellow employees, family, home, vehicle, travel, electronics, health and many others. They consume our time, cause frustration and challenge our patience. As society advances, the range and type of challenges increase. … Continued