Donald F. Lamberti Hometown Pride Vision Award

Keep Iowa Beautiful started the Hometown Pride Vision Award to recognize those who work to improve and enhance the quality of our state; award winners embody a passion for building a higher level of pride through leadership.

Donald F. Lamberti was presented with the inaugural award in 2013 followed by Ed Skinner in 2014. Both of these great leaders display a passion for improving Iowa and its communities. In 2015 the Iowa State Fair Board of Directors was honored for their leadership in influencing positive change as one of the cleanest and most attractive state fairs.

Don Lamberti Hometown Pride Vision Award | Recognizing dedication and support

The 2018 award will be presented to William Fultz by Governor Kim Reynolds and Donald F. Lamberti at the Iowa State Capitol on March 20, 2018.

2018 William Fultz
2017 David Dahlquist and RDG Dahlquist Art Studio
2016 The Vogel Family
2015 Iowa State Fair Board
2014 Ed Skinner
2013 Donald F. Lamberti

2018 Honors William J. Fultz

William J. Fultz has an outstanding record as a businessman / marketer, artist and as volunteer for a wide range of causes. His non-profit volunteer efforts include being a founding board member for the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation and for the past 18 years as a key board member with Keep Iowa Beautiful. His skills not only as a volunteer but as an artist show in the design of the logos for both organizations. In addition, his skills guided two major publications – one honoring Robert D. Ray for his photography and the other for the award winning Iowa’s Natural Heritage in documenting Iowa’s natural world.




David Dahlquist2017 Honors David Dahlquist and RDG Dahlquist Art Studio

Keep Iowa Beautiful is proud to honor the creative art, architecture, and landscape of public and private spaces that make Iowa and the nation a more attractive place to live by awarding the 2017 Donald F. Lamberti Hometown Pride Vision Award to David Dahlquist and RDG Dahlquist Art Studio.





Vogel Family2016 Honoring the Vogel Family

The Vogel family was honored for their continued commitment to Iowa and the efforts of Keep Iowa Beautiful. These efforts paved the way for making Iowa’s communities more attractive places to live and enhance the quality of life in Iowa!





2015 Honoring the Iowa State Fair Board

Few events showcase such a broad reflection of our great state as the Iowa State Fair. Highlighting everything that is good in Iowa, the Iowa State Fair, entertains, educates, challenges and excites over a million visitors from Iowa and around the world each year.

Beyond the events of the Iowa State Fair, the message about the quality of Iowa resonates and significantly influences positive change across Iowa in our communities.

The Board of Directors of the Iowa State Fair deserves our thanks. Through their leadership and efforts, the fair is elevated as a model for other national fairs and events as one of the cleanest, well-designed, well-orchestrated, and most attractive state fairs in the nation.


2014 Honoring Ed Skinner
Ed Skinner provided support, personal time and advice to a wide variety of causes, communities, individuals, political leaders and non-profits.  His advice and guidance is highly prized and sought after.

Honoring Ed Skinner

2013 Honoring Donald F. Lamberti
In honor of Donald F. Lamberti’s commitment to rural Iowa and small communities, his interest in the beauty and quality of Iowa’s communities and his support of Keep Iowa Beautiful this award was established in 2013. Don was the first recipient of the award at a ceremony and event held at the Meadows Events Center at Prairie Meadows in Altoona on March 25, 2013.Lamberti Award 2013

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